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Showlogix will Unveil New Interactive 3D Projection Mapping at ISE 2016

Showlogix, a developer of show and media control software, will be introducing their version 2. This version offers a real-time 3D rendering engine, along with a tool to project on complex objects.

Content creation can be entirely separated from the positions of the projectors. Showlogix can use content rendered as unwrapped UV-texture of the 3D model, or also accept any 2D video, images, external inputs or text which will appear non-distorted, using projective texture mapping.

By dragging the projector point, the outputs are calibrated in real-time. Edge-blend masks are automatically calculated.

Optionally, warping and masking can be done manually on each projector to compensate for any model problems.

Interactivity can be added to the 3D projected object by using the built-in tracking module. You can use cameras to detect motion for visualizing mouse & multi-touch events.

Showlogix will be exhibiting at the Integrated Systems Europe 2015, Stand 1-E112, February 9-12, 2016.

About Showlogix 
Showlogix Ltd. is focused on developing show-control and multi-display software for attractions in museums, visitor centers, trade shows, live shows etc. The company's software system is designed to playback graphics, video and live feeds across multiple displays. It can also control lighting, and other devices in precise accuracy. For more information visit the Showlogix web site at: http://www.showlogix.com



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