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Showlogix Overview

Showlogix consists of two software components:

Showlogix Manager - A show control application with drag and drop programming.

Showlogix Manager allows you to create and manage multiple displays, distribute media and manipulate video in real-time. You can control any Ethernet compatible device, such as DMX lighting (via Art-net), projectors, AV switchers, audio processors etc.

Usually you will use one Showlogix Manager on a network.


Showlogix Player - Enables sub-pixel synchronized video playback across displays. Each display has up to thirty layers of video, audio, image or text with mixing options. By adding hardware capture devices, each layer can show an external input.

Showlogix can use up to eight displays on a single computer and have up to 255 computers on a single network. Displays may be mapped to create a large canvas in any arrangement and with any amount of displays.

For further flexibility Showlogix Player enables full 3D image warping and edge-blending.

Interactive access may trigger events and manipulate video in real time. This is done using touch screens or IR cameras.



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