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Showlogix Overview

The Showlogix show control was designed fundamentally to supply a professional tool for the most demanding applications to create a multi-screen, multi-sensory system. A tool which will help deliver an impressive overall attraction experience by seamlessly integrating video with lighting, audio and external devices, all perfectly synchronized. 
Showlogix is an extremely stable, easy to understand, and easy to use show control software system. Showlogix can be used as a full media and show control system or as a subsystem to play and control a time-based part of the overall presentation.

Showlogix consists of two software components:

Showlogix Manager is a show control application with drag and drop programming. You can create logical tasks on a diagram-like surface or synchronized tasks on a Timeline. In addition to this, Showlogix Manager allows you to create and manage multiple players and groups, distribute media, and control DMX lighting and any Ethernet compatible devices such as projectors, AV switchers, audio processors etc.

Showlogix Player enables frame synchronized video playback with Geometric correction and edge blending to create limitless size seamless projected screens. In addition allows touch access to trigger events created with the Showlogix Manager.
Use Showlogix to create the most complex shows easily, saving time and money.



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