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Showlogix Manager provides all the tools necessary to configure, program, calibrate and integrate show applications.

Combining drag-and-drop functionality, timelines to edit and synchronize, and hi level logical objects allow you to achieve any show, no matter how simple or complex requirements are.

Showlogix Manager can manage a network of hundreds of interactive Showlogix displays, trigger and synchronize lighting, motion and many other devices needed for a multi-sensory show, all on a standard IP network.

There is no code to learn. Easy graphical programming environment lets you create the most complex scenarios in a clean and fast way.

There is no compilation either, so you can test the result in real time. It is actually possible to Change parameters, upload and play media while the show is running.

The Showloix system can handle an almost endless amount of tasks in precise timing and in very high reliability. Many sequences and timelines can run simultaneously and execute independently. It is easy to position and reposition cues over many timelines sequences and logical triggering.


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